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Eyewitness Investigations - TheftHave you experienced theft of property from your home or business? Does a perpetrator(s) continue to circumvent your security measures in order to steal or damage your property? Eye Witness
Investigations can help. Our investigators utilize years of experience in the Private & Public Security fields with the application of live skilled surveillance techniques and hidden cameras when required, to recover stolen property or help to identify and capture offenders.

After consultation with you, we will put together a strategy which may include surveillance, witness interviews, and the use of hidden cameras to identify the offender(s), and in some cases recover stolen property. We use advanced surveillance techniques to covertly blend in with the surroundings, and long range video cameras are utilized to videotape evidence whenever possible. Detailed notes are kept pertaining to all activity we conduct and witness, and are then presented in a professional report format that can be admissible in court as evidence. Whenever possible we will communicate with local police to provide them with information that could lead to the arrest of offenders.

In some situations you may be able to conduct the investigation yourself by purchasing our hidden camera and GPS tracking devices available for sale on this website. Most of the devices we offer are easy to set-up and use, and retrieval of evidence is often as easy as a click of a computer mouse.

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