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SURVEILLANCEEye Witness Investigations - Surveillance

Surveillance forms an integral part of most investigations and is the backbone of our field operations. When executed strategically, surveillance can uncover crucial evidence that frequently aids an investigation coming to a successful conclusion. Evidence obtained during surveillance often helps our clients to uncover the truth, save money and attain peace of mind. Various investigative assignments we undertake utilizing surveillance include: auto accident insurance fraud, infidelity, employee integrity checks, teenager activity, theft and property damage.

Our investigators have the ability to follow the subjects of their investigations for extended periods without detection. During this time they use the latest long range video cameras and miniature hidden cameras to record irrefutable video evidence.

At the conclusion of the investigation, we can provide a detailed written report with supporting video evidence that can be presented in VHS, CD, or DVD format.

Our effective approach to surveillance involves the following techniques and equipment:

  • Experienced & Skilled Investigators representing a cross-section of our cultural diversity.
  • 24 hr response capability
  • One man or multi-person teams
  • Mobile & foot pursuit capability
  • Discreet surveillance vehicles
  • Tactical and counter surveillance driving techniques
  • State of the art long range 8mm & DV video cameras
  • Advanced low light hidden cameras
  • Detailed & relevant written reports