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Matrimonial / Infidelity


To have suspicions that your spouse or partner is being unfaithful can be one of the most troubling experiences in a relationship. Every relationship deserves to exist under conditions of trust,
honesty and mutual respect, however for various reasons one spouse/partner may cast these aspects aside in order to pursue additional emotional and intimate desires. More than often, their ulterior desires come at a devastating emotional and sometimes monetary expense of the other spouse/partner and children of the relationship.

Indications of Infidelity

  • matrimonial1Indications that your spouse/partner may be cheating on you may include some of the following:
  • Sudden interest in appearance or physical fitness
  • Dressing in a more attractive manner than usual
  • Being secretive with cell phone use or with cell phone passwords
  • You intercept text messages or e-mails of an intimate or explicit nature or ones indicating rendezvous times and locations
  • Decrease or loss of usual eye contact or communication
  • Decreased interest in intimacy
  • Lipstick or the smell of perfume/cologne from someone else found on their person or clothing
  • Increased excuses to spend time with friends or family; being secretive with days or times of work
  • Increased incidents of being extremely busy with work or business however some or much of time spent is unsubstantiated
  • Burnt candles and/or used wine glasses found in home or office
  • Jewellery, lipstick or hair not belonging to you found in home or vehicle
  • Increased and unaccounted for withdrawals from bank accounts
  • Unexplained expenses from restaurants or hotels/motels found on bills or credit card statements
  • Verbally aggressive for no reason (picking fights)
  • Expressions of unhappiness with your relationship or wanting to dissolve the relationship
  • Increased business trips out of town or requests for vacations that do not include you

We care

At Eye Witness Investigations our objective is to help you shed light on the suspicions you have. Where other private investigative firms fail to be attentive to the specific needs and steps required to conduct an infidelity investigation we rise above the crowd. We realize that it takes great trust in us in for you to reveal and discuss your suspicions relating to your spouse’s/partner’s possible unfaithful activities and other personal matters. We care and we want to help you resolve your concerns in a discreet manner. We will utilize over 18 years of experience in private investigative work, employing advanced skills in surveillance, pursuit driving and video evidence gathering to get the answers you need in order to make an informed decision about your relationship.

Steps you can take RIGHT NOW

If you suspect that your spouse/partner is being unfaithful, do not engage in a verbal confrontation divulging the suspicions that you have as it may cause him/her to become even more secretive, making it more difficult for you to attain the evidence or the confession you are seeking. Often when a spouse/partner has strong suspicions or even some evidence that their spouse/partner is being unfaithful, the dishonest spouse will quickly try to cover their tracks by increase their dishonesty and or make a short-term change in their behavior in order to prevent further detection or the break-up of one or both of the relationships.matrimonia2l

  • First try to remain calm and objective, and do not overtly change your behavior to create suspicion.
  • Review and make a list of the indication of infidelity we have noted above that relate to your spouse’s/partner’s activities.
  • If accessible to you, review cell phone usage statements, credit card and bank account statements for any suspicious activity.
  • Write or mentally note a summary of what suspicions you have, specifically addressing the times and locations you have found or feel the activity is taking place. Keep this info SECRET and SECURE!
  • Call Eye Witness Investigations for a FREE no obligation and confidential consultation. Talk to us, we will LISTEN.

The Investigation Process

To have Eye Witness Investigations initiate an investigation to find out if your spouse/partner is being unfaithful, we start with a free no obligation and confidential consultation by phone or at our office. We will carefully listen to your concerns and record the evidence relating to the suspicions you may have. Next in discussion with you, we will put together a strategy to start the investigation which may include surveillance, spot checks of locations relating to your suspicions, pretext phone calls, Internet searches and discreet interviews with possible witnesses. An up to-date photograph of your spouse, physical description, vehicle description and licence plate, work address and schedule, places frequented, and any information related to who you suspect your spouse/partner may be cheating with will be required.

So that you know that we are always on the job, we provide you with an hourly video and written account of our activities while conducting the investigation. We utilize the latest long range video cameras and miniature covert cameras to record any relevant evidence. We will also keep you updated on a regular basis as to the progress of the investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation we will meet with you to discuss the evidence we have attained. In most cases we can shed light on you suspicions within a few days after we have conducted a few hours of surveillance. In some cases spouses/partners have been caught by us being unfaithful on the first day the investigation was initiated.

The evidence

Whenever possible without jeopardizing the investigation, we will record video evidence relating to the activities we witness your spouse/partner engaging in. The video evidence will be transferred to a DVD and a copy provided to you so that you can view it via DVD player and TV or on a computer. If requested we will provide you with a detailed Written Report with supporting images (pictures) captured from the video evidence to corroborate the video evidence. We will also assist you in interpreting any video or images provided so that you know exactly what is going on. The Written Report and Video Evidence are presented in a professional and easy to follow manner that can be admissible in court. Finally, we will secure a copy of the Investigative Report and Video Evidence should you require them in the future.

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All client information provided to Eye Witness Investigations and information collected by us as a result of an investigation is kept strictly confidential. We do not release any client or case information to third parties unless the client has provided written authorization or if we are required to do so by law.