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Eye Witness Investigations + skip tracing and locatesWhether you are seeking to locate a “dead-beat” spouse or partner who is attempting to avoid paying spousal or child support, a debtor who is refusing to pay, a spouse/partner or family member
who has left you without explanation or you are seeking to attain background information relating to the assets, and real estate holdings of a spouse/partner or business associate, we can find the individual and/or answers for you.

In conjunction with or search partners we utilize various techniques including or list of contacts, surveillance, deep internet searches and witness interviews to locate individuals who are often hard to find or who do not want to be found. In most cases persons including their address and phone number can be located within 14 -30 days and in some cases we have located individuals the same day the search was started. For an additional fee we can provide Priority Search Response to find individuals in 2 – 5 days.

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