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Insurance Fraud

INSURANCE FRAUDEye Witness Investigations - Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud accounts for billions of dollars in losses to both public and private insurance companies yearly which contribute to unwarranted increases in insurance premiums to individuals who desperately want affordable insurance protection to conduct their businesses, personal protection, financial protection, and so on. Fraud can be found in Auto Insurance, Medical Benefits and Burned Vehicles to name a few, and can present itself in exaggerated bodily injury claims, staged automobile accidents and intentional property damage (i.e. Arson) involving novice or professional criminals collaborating for personal gains. Often innocent persons become victims.

Since 2007, Eye Witness Investigations Ltd. has provided investigative support to numerous BI Adjusters and lawyers to assist in combating fraudulent claims. By utilizing our investigative techniques that often employ the use of surveillance, statement taking, and interviews, our firm has continuously provided a wealth of relevant and material evidence to our clients which has significantly reduced or nullified costly insurance payouts involving fraudulent claims.
The cardinal goal of our company is to find the truth whether by validating a bodily injury claim or developing evidence to refute a suspicious and fraudulent claim, we are able to customize our services to meet the needs of our clients in providing invaluable and reliable investigative results through excellent service, dedication, honesty, and integrity. Call today for a free quote or consultation.

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