Private Investigators

Eye Witness Investigations is comprised of a team of skilled and experienced Vancouver BC Private Investigators who are licensed through the Ministry of the Solicitors General’s Security Programs Division of BC. Our private investigators have extensive experience in private investigation utilizing leading-edge surveillance and evidence-gathering techniques. We also offer court document Process Services.

Achieving a successful discreet private investigation outcome for each client is the reason we are in business. Eye Witness Investigations strives to obtain the maximum amount of relevant evidence on each assignment we undertake. The foundation of our success has been our ability to deliver results through video and photographic evidence coupled with accurate and detailed investigation reports that are gathered in a timely and cost effective manner.

If you are currently engaged in a civil matter where you have initiated or are responding to an action where legal proceedings have been brought before the Law Courts and you require document to be served, call us today to find out about our Process Services. We serve most documents including, Applications, Notice of Claim, Statement of Claim, Summons; Subpoenas; Wills etc. Our Process Services are offered to Law Firms and the General Public. We provide Process Service for Vancouver BC, Surrey BC and most other areas extending from Squamish BC to Hope BC.

We offer personalized service with dedication to providing our clients with a successful outcome. Call us today for a free no obligation consultation.

Benefits of using Eye Witness Investigations:

Eye Witness Investigations

Good Service, Dedication & Results

    • Licensed & experienced BC Private investigators
    • Experienced and skillful BC Process Servers
    • Surveillance specialists, skilled at attaining video evidence
    • Results oriented and budget conscious
    • Confidential and client focused private investigations
    • Accurate, relevant and comprehensive investigation reports
    • Competitive rates

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